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Eye Specialists of Westchester Optical

Eye Specialists of Westchester is pleased to provide patients with an in-office eyewear dispensary as part of the professional services available to you. We offer this as a way to further assure you of the best in quality eye care. All eyeglasses are made to the highest optical standards – and to your complete satisfaction.

Please visit our optician before or after your eye examination to discuss any questions you might have about your eyewear needs. Please feel free to browse and try-on anything you like from our wide selection of frames. We will help you choose the right frame and lens combination for your looks and lifestyle.

Whether you have a particular look in mind or would like to create a new one, our optician will assist you in choosing from the latest in optical fashions.

Eye Specialists of Westchester Optical has over 800 frames in stock. We have a variety of styles and price ranges to fit all budgets.

We accept assignment from Medicare for post cataract eyeglasses. We also accept F.U.S.E from the New Rochelle Public School System as well as  VSP.

The following are the options we provide in choosing the most appropriate eyewear for your lifestyle.

Lens Materials

High index

  • Thinnest, lightest lens available
  • Offers superior optics for all corrections
  • Made of materials that are compressed so the same amount of visual correction is taking place using less lens material than traditional glass or plastic requires


  • Thinner and lighter than traditional glass or plastic lenses
  • Offers ultraviolet protection and scratch resistance
  • Very impact resistant – ideal for children, sports eyewear and safety glasses


  • Conventional plastic lenses are half the weight of glass lenses
  • Can be tinted to almost any color
  • Safer than glass


  • Lenses change from light to dark depending on the amount of ultraviolet light they are exposed to
  • Available in regular plastic, polycarbonate and high index

Lens Designs


  • Eliminate the bulgy, magnified appearance of strong plus lenses and the “small eyes” look of high minus prescriptions
  • Often made of high index materials for the thinnest lenses available


  • No line bifocal and trifocal lenses offer many optical and cosmetic advantages
  • Offer continuous, clear vision at all distances


  • Lenses that contain two prescriptions separated by a line
  • Available in all lens materials


  • Lenses that contain three prescriptions separated by lines
  • Available in all lens materials

Single Vision

  • Lenses that contain one prescription, for either distance or near vision
  • Can function as occupational glasses for certain types of work
  • Available in all lens materials

Lens Treatments

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating

  • Provide greater clarity for night driving by reducing glare
  • Reduces eye fatigue for computer operators
  • Enhance the appearance of all eyewear by reducing lens reflections

Ultraviolet (UV) Filter

  • “Sunscreen for your eyes” – Filter protects your eye tissue from damaging UV light

Tinted Lenses

  • Light cosmetic tints enhance the appearance of eyewear and provide relief from artificial lighting in the workplace
  • Darker sunglass tints are available in many colors to change any frame into fashionable sunglasses

Polarized Lenses

  • The best sunglass lenses available
  • Reduce glare and block harmful UV light
  • Available in grey, brown and green

Edge Polish

  • Eliminates the frosted edge on lenses, giving it a more finished and less visible look, and
    is recommended for all rimless frames